Sentiment Analysis Feature for Guest Chat

Staff can now detect a guest’s mood before responding to messages, improving guest engagement

Miami, FL (date)Nuvola, the hospitality industry’s only single-destination cloud-based solution for hotel service optimization and guest engagement, announced today the launch of a new Sentiment Analysis feature for the Nuvola platform’s Guest Chat module. With this new feature added to Guest Chat, an intuitive texting communication service, staff will be able to know how a guest is feeling to better tailor their response and request prioritization, significantly improving guest satisfaction.

Nuvola’s Guest Chat module streamlines communication between a hotel and their guests, offering contactless, mobile convenience for guests to directly message hotel staff from anywhere on the property using SMS text or WhatsApp. Through the Nuvola platform dashboard, hotels can schedule and send personalized, automated welcome messages to guests pre-arrival and throughout their stay. Like a digital concierge, guests can easily message pre-arrival preferences, submit cleaning requests, ask questions, reserve amenities, order food and drinks, request referrals for local activities, and more.

Sentiment Analysis uses machine learning to detect and track guests’ feelings and emotions by analyzing the words, phrases, and emojis used within messages throughout the guest journey. Each message is assigned an emoticon to indicate whether the tone is positive, negative, mixed, or neutral, enabling hotel staff to compose more appropriate responses or escalate requests for priority resolution. Simultaneously, hotel staff can use Sentiment Analysis to assess whether their reply and tone are appropriate before they press send, making it easier to track guest emotions and improve their overall hotel experience.


 “It’s often difficult to understand someone’s emotions in a text message or email, but this new Sentiment Analysis feature makes it easy to know how a guest is feeling in real time. By sending more appropriate responses to calm a frustrated guest or upsell to a happy guest, a hotel is able to significantly improve guest satisfaction and  service.”

Juan Carlos Abello
Founder and CEO of Nuvola


A chat can be manually escalated by staff based on an analysis of the guest’s sentiment, or chats can be set to automatically escalate based on pre-specified parameters such as ticket completion or response time. Nuvola’s Guest Chat with Sentiment Analysis feature is an opportunity for guests to engage directly with the hotel and better customize their experience, as well as an opportunity for the hotel to enhance service and communication and even increase revenue.

“Nuvola’s Guest Chat with Sentiment Analysis is a chance for the hotel to turn a negative experience into a positive one, before the guest leaves a bad review or feedback,” said Abello. “Instead of the hotel trying to figure out later what happened from a negative review, now they can course correct in real time, ensuring the hotel delivers the best service possible for each and every guest.”

The Sentiment Analysis feature is now available for all users of the Nuvola Guest Chat module. Schedule a demo to learn more about the full Nuvola platform.

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