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Manage your entire hotel based on your SOP's, incorporate your PM program, create recurring reports, develop guest surveys, and get insight into real-time productivity statistics.

  • Nuvola’s events dashboard is used to track service requests, manage staff, and ensure tasks are tended to in a timely manner
  • Nuvola’s reporting dashboard will provide you with insights into incident trends, staff productivity, faulty assets, pass-on logs, & more
  • Nuvola’s guest chat module & in-app chat features streamline communication between the staff & guests
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A Concierge system for your premium property and guests. Manage guest reservations, amenity bookings, itinerary planning, and more.

  • Integrated with OpenTable and Yelp
  • Manage guest itineraries
  • Access to our vendor management portal
  • Fully integrated with Nuvola
  • SMS Texting Service to communicate with Guests
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Whether it be service request delivery, preventive maintenance, housekeeping, managing lost and found, or attending to room inspections, empower your staff to work smarter via our mobile & tablet native applications.

  • Notify staff of tasks that need attention through Nuvola’s automated notification system (i.e. email, text, & push)
  • Streamline communication between staff members & departments via Nuvola’s in-app service request chat
  • Enhance brand scores & customer service standards by tracking response times & implementing an escalation system
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Curate a unique, white-label experience for your guests with Angel, our web-based guest application that does not require downloading an app to mobile & tablet devices.

  • Your hotel, your brand, your application: Angel is a 100% customizable experience
  • Integrated with Nuvola, both of our applications speak to each other seamlessly
  • Get to know your guest & enhance TripAdvisor scores through our internal surveys
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Streamline & get data-driven insights into your inspections process.

  • Ensure that fixed assets are maintained, inspected, and up to company brand standards
  • Nuvola’s organized calendar allows access to real-time facility assessments, room stats, and inspection trends
  • Create custom checklists and configure auto-triggers for identified issues
  • Analyze hotel data to make informed decisions regarding room conditions
  • Optimized for mobile and tablet devices, to be used by hotel leadership
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Achieve The Highest Standard in Guest Service Management.

Nuvola is powerful software that improves customer service, increases productivity, and reduces costs for your hotel by supporting and streamlining guest service operations. To see Nuvola at work and to learn how Nuvola can transform your hotel, contact us today for a product demo.

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