"As former hoteliers, we sought to create a solution for hotels to use to combat the COVID19 pandemic."

Juan C. AbelloCEO Nuvola

Technology has become increasingly vital in a dynamic hotel industry. With the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic, the responsibility to develop specific solutions aimed to enhance health & safety standards falls on technology providers like us here at Nuvola.

With Nuvola Checklists and our integrated Nuvola Checkpoints, we’re providing just that!

What are Nuvola Checklists?

Nuvola Checklists provides hotels with a digital tool to streamline recurring SOP’s related to safety standards and overall cleanliness. Hotels may create their own custom Checklists to be used by staff, may leverage a Nuvola Checklist from our worldwide COVID19 database, or even upload a Checklist from a certified source.

With Nuvola Checklists, hotels can digitize their new cleanliness processes and procedures, ensuring hotel staff know which cleaning solutions to use on specific surface areas and how often high touch points should be cleaned.

What are Nuvola Checkpoints?

Nuvola Checkpoints is a contactless, QR code scanning solution that allows hotel leadership to track and schedule when high touch point surfaces and locations with high foot traffic were cleaned; and who cleaned them. When used in tandem with Nuvola’s free Checklists, hotels can ensure the proper processes are followed and the correct CDC approved chemicals are used on specific types of surfaces.

The QR code scan logs these specific details into Nuvola and allows hotel supervisors to create a schedule to ensure new safety and cleanliness standards are being upheld.

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